Dare Me? Sponsor Me!

Being a Northern California Native, it is hard not to be a fan of all the sports teams from this area. Of course I have my favorites, like the Sacramento Kings and Oakland Athletics, but it hard not to like the San Francisco Giants. The team is full of different personalities and very (very) interesting people. What am I getting at here? Well, if you watched the ESPY’s last night or any news channel, you would have seen what Brian Wilson, star closer for the SF Giants, was wearing. He tried to class it up a little with a tuxedo, however the tuxedo was a little bit of a stretch. And by stretch, I mean spandex. Only a few people in the world could get away with something like this and 99.9% of them are not male! 

Well, this got me thinking. I am coming up on my annual 150 mile Waves to Wine bike ride for Multiple Scolrosis in September (Sponsor Me) and I thought, what would I look like in something like this?  Maybe I could pull this off for the bike ride? I am pretty sure the reaction might not be as big as Brian Wilson’s was, but it might be worth a try… after all, I did run a triathlon in a Speedo on a dare!

If I can Break $5000 in donations, I will wear this spandex tuxedo!

Fear my Beard!!…and Spandex!!


3 Responses to Dare Me? Sponsor Me!

  1. Erin says:

    Love it! I’ll be donating for sure! Just to see you in this wonderful spandex outfit!

  2. James Dodd says:

    I’m in if there’s a top hat involved

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