About Me

Born and raised in the Greater Sacramento, CA area, I attended California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. It is a small college town nestled in the rolling foothills about 10 miles north of Pismo Beach. I studied Industrial Engineering for several years before I decided that I wanted to switch majors to Industrial Technolgy, for reasons unknow. After graduation I got a job offer from Electronic Data Systems (EDS, now HP) where I was put into a training program for COBOL programming. After several years, I finally talked my way onto the Web team where we were responsible for the State Medi-Caid website. It was my first introduction to VB and SQL. I eventually wiggled my way into the DBA position for the team. After several years of doing that, I left EDS and went into consulting on my own. Talking about jumping off a cliff, I landed a great gig and held onto it tight for four and a half years before they offered me a full time position which I took. Now, two and a half years later, I am still here, but looking to branch out again.

I am an active outdoor enthusiast, snowboarder, wakeboarder, handy man, runner, rider, hunter and member of the Placer County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue. I have a wonderful wife and two of the most beautiful little girls you can imagine (god help me when they get to thier teens). We currently reside in Roseville, CA and are frequently found in and around the Lake Tahoe area.


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