We Can’t Do It Alone…

I was just having a conversation with several members of the Sacramento SQL Server User Group Board about SQL Saturdays and the things we like and dislike about them. And not just limited to our event that we put on here (which was awesome this year), but also other events we have been to. It was at that moment that i realized, we can’t do this alone. It is hard work organizing and running a SQL Saturday. Granted, this was our 5th event here in Sacramento and for the most part, it runs itself, but it still takes time and commitment from a bunch of people to make the event successful.

For that reason, I wanted to take a moment and call out several people on the board here in Sacramento and give my thanks to them.

Glenn Burnett (t) – Glenn has always been the silent, observant and practical member of the group. When ideas come up and we all get wrapped up in the shiny lights, Glenn has a way of thinking outside the box. making sure we think about all the consequences, both good and bad. He is the man behind the curtain that makes everything work. The Web-Master, Tweet-King, LinkedIn-Guru and MeetUp-Mongrol.

Robert Muir – Robert is new to the board this year. We met Robert on the way home from the Summit last year in the airport. He hadn’t been to a meeting and didn’t know we existed. After attending a few meetings he decided to take a position on the board and jumped right in with both feet. Although Robert has not been a part of the team for long, I can tell he will become a big part of the group in the near future.

Dilip Nayak (t) РNever a dull moment with Dilip. His personality and smile is contagious and he is always volunteering to help out where needed. A reliable and giving member of the group who has come into his own with presenting and teaching others. He has been a great addition to our local board and I am grateful he decided to stay on with us for the foreseeable future. DILIP!!!!

Danny Hess (t|b) – Danny has been an integral part of this group from day 1. Going on 7 years of volunteer for group and local community, he has stepped back from the board, but not from SQL Saturday. Danny is one of the reason our SQL Saturdays have always been planned and executed without flaw since he lead the organization of the first one (#144) in July 2012. He set the foundation for all SQL Saturdays here in Sacramento.

Glenn, Dan, Dilip and Robert – Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the group. You guys are the ones I depend on to keep us moving forward and growing as a community of SQL Professionals here in the Cowtown. we have come a long way in the last 5+ years and I hope we keep trending in that direction.


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