PASS Summit 2013: Quick Networking Tips for Introverts #5

Business Cards

If you don’t have business cards, you need to get some before the PASS Summit! Even if they are cheesy and are hand cut, it doesn’t matter. Leaving a conversation with just a hand shake and a smile might not always make people remember you, however, leaving them something like a business card will.

I have seen all sorts of business cards, from small and funny to shiny and BusCardsserious. No matter what it is, as long as it has your name and contact info, it will get the point across. If you are uncomfortable handing out a card with all of your “day job” info, then think about creating a “networking card”. This card should consist of anything you want people to use to either find you or find out information about you. Include social media information including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog, etc.

I try to encourage people to get keep in contact with everyone you meet. I am not saying you need to have weekly chats, but connect on LinkedIn or Facebook and keep that connection in your back pocket. You never know when you might have a question or need some help with something. The SQL community is a very tight-knit group of people and we all tend to look out for one another. All these connections that you make at the PASS Summit could be life long friends or possibly even future coworkers, managers or employees. Always keep that in mind!

See you at PASS Summit. If you see me, introduce yourself and give me your business card!

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3 Responses to PASS Summit 2013: Quick Networking Tips for Introverts #5

  1. My two cents: Asking people for their business cards is even better than distributing yours, because it puts you in control of the follow-up. As far as you know, your business card will sit in the bottom of their laptop bag forever. Another small tip I picked up; if somebody doesn’t have a card, and you really want to be able to connect – pull out your phone, create a new contact and ask them to fill in the basics.

    • mjbottel says:

      Excellent points! I did leave out the fact that I like to keep my cards handy. Usually in my back pocket or somewhere where I can pull them out quickly.

      • vickyharp says:

        I like to keep a stack inserted in the back of my conference badge while I’m at the event, and I keep a smaller number in my wallet for outside events.

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