PASS Summit 2013: Quick Networking Tips for Introverts #4

Remembering a Name

Without a doubt, probably the hardest thing to do when you meet someone new is to remember their name. Fortunately, at PASS Summit, everyone is wearing a name badge which makes it a lot easier. However, what happens when you go out in the evening and start meeting new people? How do you remember their names? At some point, just calling someone ‘Hey you’ or ‘Buddy’ isn’t going to fly. There are a few tricks that we can all try to help us remember names. Here are a few:

  • Relate the Person to Someone in your Past – This seems to be one of the most common ways to remember a name. When some one tells you their name, you think of someone in your past with the same name and try to relate the two people. For instance, the first time I met Dan Hess (t|b), he reminded me of a friend in high school named Dan. Both were big, tall guys and a little goofy at the same time.
  • Associate the Name with a Rhyme, Object or Physical Feature – This is another fairly common way to remember a name. For instance, say you just meet someone named Mike. In your head (not out loud if you can help it), you could think Mike n’ Ike or Mike Bike. Maybe the person has a certain feature that stands out like a comb-over or a bald head. You can relate that person to their physical feature to help remember a name. My name is rather easy to rhyme and I usually works well.
  • Repeat the Name – When someone introduces themselves, use their name in a sentence. “Nice to meet you Tom!” or “Hi Tom, my name is Mitch”. You can also repeat the name in your head 3-5 times to try to help it sink in. Repetition is always helpful.
  • Ask them to Repeat their Name – Don’t be afraid to ask someone to repeat their name. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of background noise at pass and it can sometimes be hard to hear. At the end of a conversation, there is no harm in asking someone for their name again. If nothing else, it will be fresh in your head again.
  • Have a Wingman – Having a wingman is not just for the bar scenes anymore. If you see someone who you met the day before, but can’t remember their name, send someone to go meet them and hope they can remember the name for you. You can also introduce your wingman to the person whose name you forgot with the hopes that they will give their name in return.

Practice now so it will be second nature when you need it.

See you all at PASS Summit!

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