PASS Summit 2013: Quick Networking Tips for Introverts #2

Your Posture

Posture is very important when it comes to networking and meeting new people. The way you stand and how you hold your arms can send very different messages to people. The key to meeting new people is to make your self approachable. It is just that simple. If you don’t think posture is important in meeting new people, then look at the pictures below. Which person looks more approachable?


This is the same person, yet based on the ‘vibe’ they give off, the one on the right seems much more approachable and open to conversation. I mean, when they used to mummify people, they used to cross their arms for a reason, they didn’t want to be bothered. This is the same for people who are still living. If their arms are folded, they typically are not looking for conversation. It is a bad vibe to give off especially at a conference like the PASS Summit where people are all they for the same reason; to learn and meet people with the same interests.

The key takeaway here, concentrate on NOT folding your arms. Keep an open posture. If you find this difficult, then put your hands in your pockets or behind your back. If you are still having problems with it, grab a drink and hold it in your hand, this will make it much harder to fold your arms. It is difficult at first, but it pays in dividends once you can master it.

See you at Summit 2013!

**yes, I am an A’s fan.

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