Mitch’s Quick Tips – #5 – Easily Copy Table Columns to a Query

I was just helping someone at their desk with writing a query and showed them a trick that blew their mind… At that moment, it donned on me that I too was blown away when I was shown it. So, I figured it would be a great quick and easy tip to add to my blog.

We have all been there before where we are writing a query or Stored Procedure and need to pull all of the columns from a table into a query but always thought it was a huge hassle. Either we had to script out the table and copy them or manually type them all out or drag them all out, one by one. It was a total pain and very time-consuming. Well, have you ever thought about clicking and dragging the columns into a query analyzer screen?


Yup, it is that easy and a big time saver…

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