SQL Saturday #120 Wrap Up

I Just got back from Orange County on Sunday and SQL Saturday #120. It was a Great event with tons of people and over 50 sessions. I heard the final count of attendees was around 250 people. There were 8 tracks with 6 time slots in each, not to mention the 3 lunch time presentations. There was never a dull moment at the event.

I gave 2 sessions, the first one on Networking and Self-promotion in the community. I was excited to have it as one of the first sessions of the day, I tried to focus on networking and meeting people in the SQL community, specifically that event. I had a good amount of people in the session and lots of good questions and discussions. I really tried to encourage
people to go out of their way to meet new people and exchange business cards. The only thing I forgot to mention is to take those business cards and follow up with people through twitter or LinkedIn.

My second session was on Central Management Server and Policy Based Management. It never surprises me that no matter how many times I give this presentation, I always get new questions. I started my session by asking how many people have ever used PBM and to my surprise, only 2 people in the whole room. This might discourage some people, but I see it as a great opportunity to really teach something brand new to people who are interested in the subject. I met some great people in the session and look forward to talking with them again in the future.

By lunch time, all of my sessions were done. I spent the rest of the day hoping from room to room trying to catch some good sessions. Caught one session by Eddie Wuerch (t|b)on Temp DB Tuning and one by Warren Sifre (t|b) on AlwaysOn in SQL 2012. I managed to take away quite a bit from these sessions and look forward to using that info in the future.

The after party was great. It was a very laid back, old school sports bar that had a huge section for all of geeks to sit around and talk about geek stuff, have some beers and continue to network with each other. I am already looking forward to next years event.

Huge thanks to Andrew Karcher (t|b) for the event and all the great info for our upcoming SQL Saturday 144 here in Sacramento, CA!!

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