My 2012 Goals

We have now entered a new year and according to the Mayan calendar, it could be the last. So I decided to set some goals, both easy and aggressive. I have decided to mix and mingle both personal and professional. I will leave it up to you to decide which is which. I figure if I put all of this out on the Interwebz, I might actually be held accountable for it all. So here
it is…

One SQL Saturday per Quarter – Attend and speak at one SQL Saturday per quarter this year. Of course, being in the Idera Ace program makes this easy for the first 2 quarters, then it will be up to me when Idera dumps us for a group of great new Ace’s. BTW, Idera has been awesome with this entire ACE program; I cannot express enough gratitude to them for all they have done for us.

HAM Radio License – This is 2 fold. I figure if I am going to truly embrace my geek-ness, I mine as well go all the way, get my HAM (short wave radio) license, build a 100ft antenna in my backyard and start talking with other people across the globe. It will also come in handy with my search and rescue efforts with Search and Rescue activities

Marathon by May – Never in my life have I wanted to run a marathon. However, after attending the SQL Run at PASS and listening to what people talk about on twitter, I figure, why not. If for nothing else, it will force me to get back into shape. I hope to do this by my birthday in May.

SQL Saturday in Sacramento – I have been working with some great SQL professionals here in the Sacramento to try and plan a SQL Saturday here. We are hoping to have some really exciting news in the first or early second quarter of this year. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming event.

SQL DBA Certification – I will, finally get off my rear and get my SQL DBA certs completed this year. Of course, by the time I get them, it will be time to upgrade to SQL 2012. Anyone think it might be a better idea to just wait and do the 2012 exams? Wait, don’t answer that, it just gives me more reason to procrastinate. Why not get them all anyways!

A Blog a Week – Is this too much to ask? It is only 52. The key is getting a good list of ideas, start writing and create a backlog of posts. The last few months of 2011 were not very productive for me on the blogging front. I am hoping to really kick this year up a notch and get some good posts out. Everything from real life lessons to some general things that I have researched for my own knowledge or studies.

Partner with RDP Streamline – This is big for me. I am really looking forward to trying to create a good partnership with RDP Streamline this year. Angel Abundez (t|b), has got a great business plan set up and I am hoping we can do some great things this year together.

50 Mile Endurance Run – Why stop at 26.2 miles. I would already be over half way to 50 miles. Go big or go home! I found a 50 mile endurance run in the Auburn, CA area in September. Dare me? Lol.

I am sure there will be more, but this was my first pass at goal setting for the year.

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