What better way to come back from PASS than to sit in a room with 13 others for 6 days listening to attorneys argue about a something that happened over 3 years ago. Finally I am free from my civic duty as a Juror and can get back to things that are important to me like family, work and blogging.

As I was sitting in the court room, I couldn’t help but notice the way the attorneys, bailiff’s, court reporters, the judge and the jury members were all so respectful of one another. It made me think, why can’t this kind of respect be rolled over to the IT world and into our meetings and everyday tasks? I have been to way too many meetings lately where co-workers feel the need to use vulgarity and loud voices to get their point across when quite frankly; it just makes them look dumb. If you can’t get your point across by just articulating the facts and your findings, then sit in the corner of the room and let someone else talk. I am not saying that I am a saint, I often times talk like a sailor (ask my wife), but I try not to do it in meetings. Especially in meetings where there are people that I might not know who they are or what their role is. It is very easy to be overly passionate about something and let your mouth run in a direction that you may regret later. I am not saying that you shouldn’t stand up for your ideas or just rollover, but rather deliver them in a manner that is respectful and not demeaning to others. My goal is always to leave a positive impression on people so they know they can approach me, ask me a question and no matter how dumb it might be, still walk away with their head and all limbs intact. Cooler heads will always prevail. Keep this in mind next time you are in a meeting.

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