SQL Saturday Portland = Awesome!

SQL Saturday 92 in Portland, Oregon was Awesome. Not only was I excited to speak, but I also managed to meet a ton of great people. The sessions were awesome, the networking unbelievable and the overall organization of the event was outstanding. Arnie Rowland (t|b) and his Portland contingent did such a fantastic job of organizing not only the sessions, but the speaker dinner and after party were incredible as well. I think everyone there learned a lot in addition to meeting some great new friends in the SQL community.

I started off my Saturday by catching a bus in the wrong direction and ended up in, what I was told as, the worst part of Portland. By the time I realized my mistake, I was already 30 blocks in the wrong direction. Long story short, what should have taken me 40 minutes to get to, ended up taking me almost 2 hours.

Anyways, I made it just in time to hear Harry Chandra (t) speak about mirroring and log shipping. It was his first SQL Saturday as a presenter and he killed it. He gave great overviews on both topics and led a great Q&A session on them.

The second session was hard to choose, but I decided to step in and listen to Buck Woody (t|b) talk about SQL Azure. If you have never heard Buck talk, you need to sit in one of his sessions. Not only is the information super valuable, but the non-stop comedy sessions would make even the boring-est of topics interesting.

The Women in Technology (WIT) session was a packed house and chalk full ofgreat dialogue between the audience and the WIT panel. Jes Borland (t|b), Yanni Robel (t|b), and Kendra Little (t|b) did a great job of discussing subjects of interest and engaging the crowd in discussions.

After lunch I presented, to a much larger crowd than I expected, on self-promotion in your job and in the community. It turned out to be a great session with lots of great discussions on blogging, white-papers, social media and tweeting. All the attendees seemed to be very receptive. Thanks again to everyone that attended, you can download the presentation file here.

My last session of the day was Robert Davis (t|b), fellow Idera Ace, and his discussion on the top 10 things all BI administrators should know. He had some really great commentary with regards to implementing SSIS and SSAS in a production environment. Got a good list of items to look at when I get home.

The after party was great. We all went to Duff’s Garage for some appetizers and drinks. It was a very informal and wonderful opportunity to meet and network with a lot of SQL folks. Overall, the Portland SQL Saturday was a fantastic event. I am really looking forward to, hopefully, being invited back to the next one.

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