SQL Saturday #94 – Salt Lake City

I am just getting back from SQL Saturday #94 in Salt Lake City, Utah. First off, what a beatiful city! I am very impressed with the caliber of people that attended and presented. This was my first SQL Saturday as an Idera ACE and I must say that the overall experience was fantastic and the amount of question about the program was awesome.  I had a great time and am already looking forward to my next SQL Saturday. The venue was great, the people were great and the sessions were top notch. Pat Wright did a great job organizing the event, many thanks to him and all the volunteers!

My sessions

Granted, the attendance in my sessions was lower than I hoped, I feel that the people in them got some good information.

Central Management Server and Policy Based Management – I was fortunate enough to have one of the first sessions of the day. Based on the questions and enthusiasm, I think people in the session got some good material to take back with them and hopefully implement in their shop.

Promoting yourself in the SQL community – This was an interesting session for all of us. The intention was to make it an open forum for discussion on how to promote yourself in the community using twitter, blogging and other forms of social media. It turned out that people were very receptive to my ideas and even added some of their own experiences, both good and bad. It’s always good to be in a session where people feel like they can take information and immediate put it to use.

Sessions I attended

SQL Server PowerShell with SQLPSX by Ben Miller – This session was a great introduction to using SQLPSX. I think Ben did a great job giving a very high level session on using SQLPSX. If I wasn’t already before, I am even more amped up now to jump on the PoSh bandwagon.

Utility database by Christopher ShawI think it is common today that many DBA’s become too reliant on their third party tools. I don’t really think that it is bad, until you leave that job and go to another that either doesn’t have the same tools or doesn’t have any monitoring tools at all. Chris’s session was a great, hard pounding session on using a Utility database.

See the Future with Visual Predictive Analytics by Carlos Bossy – Not being a big SSAS user myself, I found this presentation very intriguing, to the point that I might actually start looking into using SSAS. The potential possibilities for something like this in my shop could be through the roof.

After Party

TJay Belt and Randy Knight took it upon themselves to plan a campfire in the canyons outside Salt Lake City. It was a fantastic idea in which about 15 of us attended. We sat around for hours just talking and networking. It is always interesting to find out what you have in common with other SQL geeks, outside the confines of SQL itself. It was an absolutely tremendous experience and I cannot begin to thank TJay and Randy enough. They were extremely generous hosts to all of us.

Overall, it was a great weekend and I am already looking forward to the next one.

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2 Responses to SQL Saturday #94 – Salt Lake City

  1. Mike Fal says:

    Fantastic meeting up with you at the event Mitch. I’m sure we’ll see each other at another event soon!

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