SQL Saturday #94

After a long night of being awakened by a bunch of punk kids trying to vandalize my mailbox on Saturday night, I found a very gratifying email in my inbox. It was from Pat Wright (b|t) informing me that I was selected to speak at SQL Saturday #94 in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. What an awesome way to start a day. What was just as surprising was that I was select for 2 sessions!

In my first session, I will be discussing Central Management Server and Policy Based Management.

  • In this session, you will learn how to setup and implement Central Management Server (CMS) to run queries against multiple SQL servers in your environment. We will also cover Policy Based Management (PBM) and how to use out of the box best practices and create custom policies to maintain your environment. We will then look at using both CMS and PBM in conjunction with each other to monitor your environment.

My second session i will be talking about promoting your career and yourself.

  • Self-promotion is often times the best promotion you can get. In this session, we will talk about how to promote yourself, your brand and your career without looking like “That Guy”. We will discuss Social Medias, communities, volunteering and other ways to get your name out… What are the first steps? Come find out.

I can’t wait to visit SLC and meet some great people in the SQL community! See you there!

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One Response to SQL Saturday #94

  1. Urvish Panchal says:

    Cool…That’s sound great fun…

    Go Mitch…Go..

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