Need some SQL help, Who you gunna call?

No, not the GhostBusters. Well, unless you are dealing with Ghost records. Anyways, the idea for this post came to me after I overheard my co-worker tell someone something I told him long ago and forgot about. He said, with a very serious tone in his voice (and accent), “I don’t need to be the smartest person in the office, I just need to be the best at finding the information”. It was a shock and awe moment for me. The Shock was the surprise that someone actully listened to what I said back then and the Awe was just me being so proud of him. So it made me think, I should have a post that list my favorite sources of SQL Server information.

Keep in mind that that these are listed in no particular order, although I do have my favorites…

SQL Skills – This site is a great source of information. It is hosted by two of the best known SQL professionals in the industry, Paul Randal (t|b) and Kimberly Tripp (t|b), and is full of great tips, tricks and general information.

Brent Ozar PLF – This site is so full of knowledge and humor it is incredible. That is what makes it so great and easy to read. I try to make a point to read posts on this site at least once a week.

SQL Authority – I have found that when I perform google searches with my questions, 90% of the time, Pinal Dave’s (t|b) SQL Authority site gets a hit. There is a lot of “right to the point” information on his site that is easy to read.

SQLServerPerformance – Great public forum for people to research and share. It was set up to be used as a community forum for people to ask and answer questions. Some good authors on there too (wink, wink).

SQLServerPedia – Another great public forum for community consumption. I have found some great blogs on this site just by randomly looking around it. Not to mention a very knowlegable Editor in Chief of it, Kevin Kline (b|t).

#SQLhelp – Awesome Twitter hash tag to ask any SQL specific question. You will get a multitude of responses within minutes to your question from MVP’s, MCM’s and many other very intelligent people.

MSDN Forums and Technet – Hard to post a blog about SQL and not list Microsoft in here somewhere.  They are typically the first result in a Google search. It is really easy to ask questions in a forum and get answers from a multitude of MVP’s.

SQL Server Central – Excellent site as well for posting questions and asswers for the community. Many Microsoft MVP’s monitor and respond to question on this site. You do have to register for it, but it is free.

A few others…

SQLTeam, SQLMonster, DBASpot

If you have any that I missed or you think are really good, please let me know.

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