Meme Monday: Dumb Questions

Another Meme Monday from Thomas LaRock (b|t) with the topic of “Dumb Questions”. We have all been asked something that we just shake our heads at and try to keep a straight face while we answer.

This question was asked to me no more than 2 weeks ago from a developer that uses a State Department-wide shared production server. “Why can’t you just grant me SA rights so I can do my job?” After thinking about his question for a second, my response was simple “That is a dumb question”.

And I left it at that…

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2 Responses to Meme Monday: Dumb Questions

  1. John Sansom says:

    That sure is a dumb question but I’m very sad to say that it sometimes gets answered. 🙂

    I have the misfortune of looking after a particular business group, having inherited them, whose developers do have SA rights to the servers being administered. It causes no end of bother as you can imagine. Trying to revoke privileges that have previously been permitted is a very hard sell.

    • Mitch says:

      I couldn’t agree more. We have a few like that as well. Most all 3rd party, isolated servers servers. You break it…you fix it. Or come cry to us to restore.

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