Is it important to have backups?

 Wow, that is a dumb question. Of course you need to have backups. We all need to have backups. However, do you trust your backups? Do you test them? What if there is a disaster? What if you go on vacation?

Oh, you thought I was talking about database backups? Well, I am in a sense. I am talking about DBA backups. You know, peers that can step in during your absence to hold the fort down while you are out.

Being that this time of year, many people start taking vacations, it becomes more important that we have ‘Trained’ backups. I know that some people like to be the Go-To guy/gal in times of need. I am still like that, but I also like to have quiet and relaxing vacations; even though it is impossible with kids.

What is my point here? Take the time to show your co-workers what it is that you do on a day to day basis that they might not know. If you have an issue arise, have your co-worker sit behind you to watch how you resolve it. Hold question and answer sessions. Document how your resolve common issues and keep them in a repository for everyone. If you have a ticket system, use that as a knowledge base for past issues and how they were resolved. Take the time once a week to sit down with them and find out what they are curious about. It is easy to tell them to ‘Google it’, but take the extra time to teach them the specifics of your job so you can build a trust.

There is nothing better than being able to go on a vacation and not have to keep checking your phone for emails or voice mails. The Mai Tai’s taste a lot better that way!


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