Why am I attending SQL Rally?

Why am I attending SQL Rally? Well, this question has several answers to it, all of which are very simple.

First, a huge thanks to Melissa Data and the contest I won that got me into the Rally for free! I honestly had no intentions of going to SQL Rally, just based on the fact that I dropped a lot of money for the PASS Summit 2011 and SQL Cruise already, it falls on my Birthday and I have Search and Rescue training the day after… ohh and I live on the west coast. But when I read the email from Melissa Data that said I won free entry, I found a way to make it happen. Good thing I have an understanding wife and kids!

Second, how can you pass up an opportunity to learn from some of the greatest minds in the SQL-universe? After looking at the schedule, it only took me a minute to circle all the sessions that I want to attend. I think i have the whole schedule covered with a session in each track. No reason to limit yourself here, the payoff you get in knowledge is going to be tenfold what you could get at a local training from someone paid to teach. Remember, these presenters are there voluntarily to help the community!

Third reason to attend SQL Rally…NETWORKING! Meet the people in the industry. There is nothing better than building a group of SQL colleagues that you can bounce questions off of, talk about new technologies or just get together with over a coffee or beer. These are the people who write the blogs and white papers that we all read and rely on.  Get there, introduce yourself and make the connections that will help you make your job easier in the future.

We are only 2 weeks out to SQL Rally and the price goes up on May 1st, so hurry and sign up! You won’t regret it. What are you waiting for???

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