Just Getting Started…

Welcome to MitchesPitch.com! This site is going to be just that. Me pitching useful and occasionally useless information to the public. I am planning to use this site to talk about everything that comes to my mind. I can only hope that my internal filter is working correctly and I don’t get too out of control on what I write about.

I would like to personally thank Brent Ozar (@BrentO) for giving me a huge kick in the butt to help get me motivated to do something like this. The last blog I did was short lived and talked about the trials and tribulations of working with building contractors while trying to remodel my kitchen by myself. However, once I finished my kitchen, I also finished my blog. I am hoping this blog will live longer and thrive in the SQL community as a source of information and occasional humor. Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Mitch (@SacSQLDude)

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4 Responses to Just Getting Started…

  1. Brent Ozar says:

    Woohoo! Welcome back to the blogosphere, man. You’ll like it here. 😀

  2. Hey man!!! Good to see you! Welcome to blogosphere! 🙂

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